China OEM agricultural tractor PTO shaft accessories



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Product Name:
 PTO Drive Shaft
Raw material:
45#, or according to your requirement
Production standard:
Samples, drawings, or OE
All-round quality inspection before packing
PTO Drive Shaft
Surface treatment:
Heat treatment or park rising
Package material:
PVC bag+cartons+wooden pallets
Torque fatigue test and detecting instrument
LOGO on the package:
Natural or customized
The drive shaft includes a shaft tube, a telescopic sleeve and a universal joint. We choose different materials for different parts and functions. We choose 45# steel (45# steel is high-quality carbon structural steel, corresponding to Japanese standard S45C, American standard: 1045, German standard C45. Compared with ordinary A3 steel, it has higher strength and deformation resistance. The shaft tube and Expansion sleeve can also choose different raw materials according to different customer needs), universal joint 20CrMnTi material (after strict inspection, more sales, compared with market products, wear resistance and strength requirements are significantly improved), increase service life) Science) Reasonable matching enables the drive shaft to fully reflect its own value and prolong its service life.