Increased power output

A PTO shaft can transmit more power than a regular shaft because it is wider. This is because the power is distributed over a larger area.

Increased efficiency

PTO shafts allow power to be transferred more efficiently between two machines, resulting in increased overall productivity.

Increased versatility

PTO shafts can be used with various machines, making them a versatile tool for various applications.

Increased durability

PTO shafts are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand heavy use, making them a long-lasting solution.

Increased safety

PTO shafts are designed with safety, ensuring operators are protected from potential injury.

Increased reliability

A PTO shaft is less likely to fail than a belt or chain drive because it has no moving parts.

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Wide Angle PTO Shaft

  • 5 plate sealed assembly
  • Heavy duty high tensile yoke bridge assembly
  • Long yoke spline to reduce vibration with worn tractor shafts
  • Dual shielded quick release buttons on large W2580 shafts
  • High quality universal joint with long life triple lip internal seals
  • External greasing point for profile tubing as standard from 6 series and above

Agricultural Pto Shaft


A power take-off or power takeoff (PTO) Drive Shaft is any of several methods for taking power from a power source, such as a running engine, and transmitting it to an application such as an attached implement or separate machines.

More than 20 and 10 kinds of end yokes and safety devices can be chosen Ordered according to customer’s requirements
1. We provide pto shaft series 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 6#, 7#, 8#.
2.Cross journal specifications: series1: 22 54mm series 2: 23.8 61.3mm series 3: 27 70mm series 4: 27 74.6mm series 5: 30.2 80mm series 6: 30.2 92mm series 7: 30.25106.35mm series 8: 35 106.5mm
3.Types of tube: triangle profile tube, lemon profile tube.
4. Minimum overall length: 600-1800mm or 27″-60″
5.End yokes & safety devices: quick release yokes, plain bore yokes, friction
type torque limiters, ratchet type torque limiter, shear bolt torque limiter, etc.
6.Plastic safety guard: black or yellow.

PTO is a splined drive shaft that is generally placed on tractors or can be used to provide power backup to a separate machine.

PTO Drive Shafts are carriers of torque: they are subject to torsion and shear stress, which represents the difference between the input force and the load. They thus need to be strong enough to bear the stress, without imposing too great an additional inertia by virtue of the weight of the shaft.

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Hooking Up a PTO

Safety first

Suppose your tractor PTO does not have a neutral setting, and the tractor PTO axle remains locked when the engine is off. In that case, you may need to mount the implement to the 3-point hitch, raise it and lock it into the raised position before placing the locking turns away from the tractor – you should be able to rotate the implement shaft to align the splines carefully. Pay special attention here to keep your fingers away from the implement PTO shaft head, as the implement shaft may have a little momentum after it rotates.

Next, to help the two closely fitting metal pieces slide together, lightly lubricate them. Clean source clean grease is preferred, but your experienced tractor operator knows how to improvise. Once lubricated, the two splined shafts should slide together more easily.

First, make sure you have everything ready for the PTO connection. Most tractors allow you to place the PTO shaft in the tractor’s neutral position. This ensures that the tractor PTO output shaft will rotate freely, making it easier to properly align the splines of the two shafts.

If you are attaching a 3-point tool, be careful to keep the 3-point hitch in the fully down position to avoid accidental pinching if someone accidentally moves the locating rod. Hooks and tools are lowered even when the engine is off. If you cannot align the PTO shaft with the 3-point implement in the fully down position, you may need to remove the drawbar. When using a PTO-powered 3-point implement, it is usually best to remove the drawbar. This helps avoid damage to the PTO axle due to the axle hitting the drawbar when the implement is lowered to the lower limit of travel of the three-point hitch. Before starting to use a PTO-driven 3-point implement, check the amount of clearance between the PTO shaft and the drawbar.

After aligning the splines, press the locking pin button or pull the ball lock ring back and push the shaft onto the PTO. If sliding is difficult, sometimes rocking the end of the tool’s PTO shaft up and down will help start it.

First, slide the shaft all the way – you may hear a click and your button should retract back into place, otherwise, your collar will slide all the way forward. To ensure the shaft lock is fully seated, manually pull the shaft back from the button or collar, it should be impossible to remove.

With these simple tips, you can cut down on time-consuming PTO shaft connections, allowing you to get the job done faster.

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